My medical invention, AMS, cures HIV and Cancer; nobody has proved it false – Prof Maduike of MOUAU insists


– Says Aluminum Magnesium Silicate can handle COVID-19, if tested

By Codratus Godson


The professor of veterinary medicine in the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU), Ezeibe Maduike, cannot understand how nobody has proved his invention to be false but instead they continue in silent suppression of his claims. He is surprised that even when the man who supervised the early part of his research in the University of Ibadan became minister, the man joined in the same game.

Now, he says as long as he has living witnesses or patients who have been healed of HIV and Cancer, he will not stand down his claim. Instead, he is offering his formula (AMS) synthetic to the world to fight Coronavirus.

The global trend or issue is that so many people have made so many false claims that the world has become skeptical. That is talking about the world. In Nigeria, our own case is even worse because we have lost confidence. We even write off ourselves by saying, how come Americans didn’t do it, how come Chinese didn’t do it, how come that Europeans didn’t do it, a Nigerian says he did it? But science does not know race.

From known to unknown

What we are discussing is that it is an already established in science that opposite charges will make something bind. If one is positive and the other is negative, they will bind. It is also known that every virus has electrical charges. I didn’t discover it, am quoting medical literature. Coronavirus is negatively charged and is a DNA virus, same with Lassa fever and Monkey pox. This is because we have two main types of viruses; RNAs and DNAs. RNAs are positively charged while DNAs are negatively charged. RNA includes measles, HIV, bird flu. In medical literature, there is a medication that has been in existence for long, it’s a mineral mined from the soil. It is called Aluminum Magnesium Silicate (AMS). The molecules are made of smaller particles that are only 0.96 nano-metres (nm) thick, that is super nano-particles because nano-particle is not more than 100 nano-metres, that is from 100 downward are nano-particles. But this one is only 0.96 which means less than one, very, very small. Those particles are positively and negatively charged.

Where I came in

That is where I came in. One; this is already existing medicine. For something to be classified as medicine, it must not be toxic. This one has the two charges, which means it does not matter which charge the virus has; if it has negative, it will use positive to trap it; and if it has positive, it will use negative to trap it. That is where the logic ends. Anybody can find out what Ezeibe is saying. Is it true that viruses have either positive or negative charges? Does this medicine have both negative and positive charges?

Why HIV is deemed ‘Incurable”

I want to educate the world on why HIV is deemed incurable. There is nothing mysterious about this. Virus generally is so small that it can reach where most medicines cannot reach. If you now decide to design a medication that can inhibit the biochemistry of viruses (biochemistry of viruses and that of human cells are very, very close), you are on the right path. So, whatever you wish to design to destroy the virus will also destroy human cells. The medicine will become toxic and can kill the human being. So, how do you separate the two to deal with the virus and spare the cell?

So, we say, lets leave out what will inhibit the biochemistry but design something that will trap the virus only. We call it bio-medical marker. You begin to find out: is there any difference between this normal cell and the one that you want to target so you can design something that can kill one without touching this other one? If you want to design something that will physically touch the virus, it has to be small enough to reach where virus can reach.

HIV trick

HIV is very difficult to cure because it cuts off immunity. Measles virus is not a death sentence because when you treat it well, immunity will go and clear the infection. But HIV will knock off immunity and there will be nothing to help you bounce back to help out. Lassa fever is not an immune-deficiency disease. They are simple to cure because they do not affect immunity. This is a principle.

Demystifying HIV: why can’t it be cured?

HIV for instance, the smallest one is 110 nanometers. The medication I am talking about is 0.96. HIV (an RNA) is positively charged, the medicine is positively and negatively charged. Every infected cell and every cancer cell (abnormal cells) are negatively charged. I did not discover this. I am quoting medical literature which everybody has right to read. If you can verify all this and it is true, why don’t you believe me? Because HIV is small 110 nanometres, and I say the medicine we are using is only 0.96, in order words, if you multiple it by 100, you get 96, which is still smaller than 110. It is thus more than 100 times smaller than HIV, so it can get to wherever HIV can get to. If this be so, why is HIV still incurable? Is it any mystery? No. Because of the small size of HIV and being close to human cell, you cannot inhibit the virus by designing something that will inhibit biochemistry, it will be toxic. But, if you design what is physical, that one has to reach the virus individually and physically.

For instance, you do not want to use rat poison in your house because it may contaminate food. So, you decide to use traps, but rats can run into holes and start avoiding traps. Whenever you move your trap, the rats will start coming out. That is what HIV has been doing. So, you have to design a trap that can pursue them into the holes, and that trap has to be small enough to get into the holes with them and trap them.

Sanctuary Cells:

Blasphemy? Sanctuary is where God alone is believed to live. It is secure. HIV is now boasting that it is in the sanctuary or that it is a sanctuary cell; that whatever you do, it will not reach me. But, we have designed something smaller that can reach that sanctuary. That is what we call it, aluminum magnesium silicate. We don’t have it in Nigeria, but we have aluminum silicate (kaolin); we also have magnesium silicate. Why are they so similar and looking for aluminum silicate, now we have aluminum silicate and magnesium silicate.


I went into books and found that from their chemical formula, we can get what we are looking for from what we have. I was able to react one volume of aluminum silicate with three volumes of magnesium silicate to get two volumes of aluminum mao-silicate (AI4{SiO4}3+3Mg2SiO4—2AI2Mg3{SiO4}3). The equation is Nigerian made. Nobody has doubted it anywhere in the world. That is why I now call it medicinal synthetic; the one we generated here in Nigeria and those we want to use as medicine we call as medicinal synthetic. Another huddle is that the medication is also not absorbable; if you swallow it, it enters into your stomach and it should be able to pass into the blood. If not, it will simply pass out and so not absorbable. Research continued.


The principle in biochemistry is called arterial transportation. It says you can use simple sugars to carry electrically charged molecules across mucous membrane to blood; arterial transport. So, we used dextrose to carry it across to the blood and the blood will circulate it all over the body so that it will use its negatively charged end to bind to HIV while it uses the positively charged end to destroy HIV cells that are abnormal cells including the so called Sanctuary Cells and thus unmask the virus.

Our experience so far

Our experience so far is that when you treat HIV patients in the first month, CD4 count will come down (level of immunity) when the patient expected it to go up. Viral load (VL) is a measure of infection. You expected CD4 to go up and VL to go down; but instead, the CD4 will go down and VL will go up. The patient would panic. I said, take it easy. What is happening is that the tests you did were not able to capture all the viruses because of hidden cells (Sanctuary Cells). The medication is able to unmask them all including infected ones. The infected ones will be destroyed and at this point, the CD4 will go down while VL will go up, giving the impression that the infection is growing. No, what is happening is that you can now see it all.

On second month, God being on our side, the CD4 count will now start going up and VL start going down. I tell them that if you see Nigerian soldiers driving into the Sambisa Forest, it means Boko Haram is on the run. Normal CD4 count is 500. As it gets to 1000 and above, there is no way this number of soldiers will be parading the territory that enemies will still lurk around. Some, before the CD4 count gets to 1000, become negative.

Success: We are the first

We are the first to tell this to the world. When we said this, many people challenged us; how can we say that antibody vanishes when infection is still there? It is strange. I do not know why it happens in HIV. HIV is the only infection where antibody will vanish while the person is infected. But I tell them, I am not the first person to report this. If a couple is affected and if one is negative, we ask him to keep coming for six months without further exposure. It is when we record negative for six months without further exposure, we then declare you HIV-negative. The six months is what we call the window period. That is when someone can test negative but may be infected. I am not the person who said. HIV will get to a level before antibodies will appear. So, if it is reduced to a level, antibody may disappear but you are still infected. But if you continue to six months, the infection will now go. When CD4 is up to 1500 and above, we now send them to viral load test, then antigen test, which is a test for the virus. This one gives either positive or negative. If they test negative, they are now negative in antigen and in antibody. We then declare them cured.

Doubts persist but we persist;

Yet, doubts persist. Somebody asks, are you sure it will not reoccur. I say, it is not scientific to reoccur. We were lucky to get a patient who continued to come even after becoming antibody and antigen negative with CD4 at over 1500, for 10 months. We kept recording negative without him taking any other medicine. Most of them, when we declare them cured, they beg you to keep giving them medication. If you say no, they return to their ARV (anti-retroviral) from hospitals. You can’t even say whether it is your medication or ARV that is working now But this one was disciplined to obey till 10 months. We published it in one journal in the US.

Many people have become negative in both antibody and antigen. It is curable.

Nigeria sitting on goldmine without knowing it

Nigeria is sitting on a goldmine with this invention but is looking ignorant. We have said this time without number, and I am beginning to wonder at what the problem could be. Is it lack of confidence we have in Nigeria to say; Look at what we can do? We are in a position to tell the world that we can help. Let the world answer me this question; is it true that cancer cells are negatively charged? Is it true that AMS is both negatively and positively charged? Is it true that opposite charges attract?


Along the line, we found that cancer cells are negatively charged, not just viruses. As long as opposite charges attract and we have a medicine that charges at both ends (positive and negative), we can use the drug to handle cancer cells. We call it mopping them out. That is the principle. It is a silicate which is a stimulant. Because of the attraction, it is able to mop out viruses because this medication has both charges. It is able to mop out cancer cells which are negatively charged.

Because it is a silicate, it enhances immunity. Silicates are immune stimulants. So, if there is anyone it cannot clear, immunity will clear it.

The Immunity game changer

This same medication is a stabilizing agent, to protect against destructions. It protects other drugs from being degraded in the body and so they remain in the body for a long time. When this happens, the potency of the drug increases, the normal dose becomes overdose. So, you reduce the dose, and thereby achieve your treatment target with lower dose. This means reducing side effect of the medicine and also enhances immunity further. By this, you handle the disease better. There is second infection syndrome which even kills more. You are now effectively treating second infection, mopping out the viral infection, enhancing the immunity level. All this put together can terminate any viral disease.

Economy of AMS

Most importantly, it is a money spinner, if Nigeria knows what to do. Remember I said it will potentiate other medicines. There are millions of drugs in the world and there is no pharmacy that would not buy this medicine to potentiate their medicines and thus reduce dosage and reduce cost of production and you are making your medicine work better. The biggest challenge the world over is anti-microbial resistance. You develop a drug today and soon, it is not working any more because germs develop resistance. So, this medicine is able to make the other medicines recover their potency against organisms. We have made our efforts and put in more than necessary just to convince our people that what we are saying is true. One good thing is that they have not been able to prove us wrong.

I went to the Nigerian Academy of science to say, look, you people went to court with Dr Abdullahi Abalaka, now come and investigate my claims. They say no, you are doing the right thing. I am begging, come and test this. You say Abalaka said he will not tell you his formula but I say come and see my formula. If you are convinced that this is true, tell the world that I am doing the right thing. You seem to be interested in those who are telling lie, not those telling the truth.

Challenge to FG on Coronavirus

The FG said they will give some money to anybody that finds a cure for coronavirus, but how are they to confirm a drug? Are they able to test it? They should be able to test it. Coronavirus is not in Nigeria and as a rule, we cannot go and bring in the virus here. I am challenging the FG to tell the World Health Organisation (WHO) that we have a drug that can handle it. I can go to any laboratory in the world to test it. I can also give them and tell them what to do and they can do it.

I want to tell the world that I have every cause to believe that my medication is what Nigeria used against Ebola. I want it on record. I say so because there was a statement by the FG then that a Nigerian scientist brought in nano-silver to treat Ebola. Everybody heard it. I texted to Onyebuchi Chukwu, the health minister that it is not called nano-silver but nano-aluminum silicate. Suddenly they said they didn’t use anything. How could it be? How can you say you used something and suddenly you didn’t use anything? Government is too complex to say they didn’t do anything. I also met a doctor who confirmed to me they used something. I asked him what it was but he didn’t want to tell me. I suspect they used my medication because it is not secret. This equation is all over the place. The only thing is that it is not easy for you to claim that you used aluminum silicate.

Put it on record, Nigeria stated clearly that they used nano-silver brought in by a Nigerian doctor. Let the present FG find out exactly what they used. Is it true they didn’t use anything? Did they use prayer? Nigeria was able to cure some people. They should say what they used. They said they used nano-silver. That means they at least used nano-something. Nano-silver can do it because it has negative charges but is toxic. It cannot be used as medicine. It can only be used in the lab. It will kill if you swallow it; unlike my own that is already made into a medication. They did not know that nano-silver is not used on human beings. I challenge the FG to investigate and confirm what Nigeria used to cure Ebola. Tell the world that Prof Ezeibe believes that people procured his nono-aluminum silicate to treat Ebola. We can now use it to treat Lassa fever. I do not pray for coronavirus to come but tell other parts of the world to use it.

Right now, we are using it against HIV. Let me also tell you that there is a lot of work going on. Government is also looking it against HIV. There is wonderful result.



What you are saying is that some human beings have been treated and discharged by you?


We have been very careful. You do not say by me, let’s say by this university. I am a veterinary doctor, my duty is to treat animals and I have treated very many animals on cancer and viral diseases perfectly. When now I ventured into human treatment, I needed to collaborate with physicians. So, what this university s doing is very clear. They constituted a committee. If a patent comes, he goes to our medical centre. After investigating and confirming its HIV or whatever they know we can handle, they give this letter (shows a copy) to come to me. You can see the address, MOUAU, Maduike Ezeibe, the person will come here. I now serve as the dispenser. It is Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Nigeria, that has been treating many people with HIV, cancer, fibroid, prostrate cancer, hepatitis B, Hepatit C, etc. When they get there, they will send them here. Most of them have recovered. Nigerian government is investigating this because some other hospitals in Nigeria have used this and they are getting wonderful results.


Q; If this is possible, can the ordinary person benefit?


Its very, very cheap. Let me tell you that a dose costs this University N100. The University is paying for it. If we do mass production, it can even be less than that. So, about N3000 can serve for one month. There is no poor person that cannot afford it.

Apart from treating viral diseases, the same medication can potantiate other medicines. It means the Nigerian economy can be revolutionarised because the whole world will order it from Nigeria to potentiate their own drugs.

I have a summary of this for an oncoming science fair from 16-20, March, 2020 in Abuja. I have written my presentation.


Often, when we ignore our scientists, they get foreign interests and they partner with them and they produce it and Nigeria will now buy. Have you made the international community aware, and are there offers?


I have been traveling the world over until I decided not to be traveling because it is not too easy to be everywhere out there (with such a sensitive discovery). There are many interests. Some of us are stubborn and would not want to leave the shores of Nigeria. That is annoying to some people. I have been traveling to give lectures. They have been making offers and I am not interested. We should stay here and salvage this country. I am hoping that one day we would be able to force it down Nigeria.

The past minister of health (Isaac Owoeye) wanted to stop me at all cost. It’s unfortunate. He was talking as if he didn’t believe my claim is true. Government then set up a panel to investigate my claim. At last, they gave me a clean bill of health. Why didn’t the minister come out to say, I didn’t know you were right. He kept quiet and vanished. I have come out again to say, try it and either send me to prison or clap for me, depending on the outcome. He did none of the two. Can’t you see? If a minister came out to say this man is a criminal, if you investigate him and confirm, either deal with him or applaud him. Isaac Adewole is my co-professor. He made all the statements but after the investigations, he didn’t talk again. Is it right? That is the angle I do not like.

If he talked out of ignorance, he should have come out to say, oh, this man is good. Since he didn’t do it, I beg the present minister to do it. If he wants more investigation, he can investigate and tell the world the result. He can tell the world that Nigeria is not all about corruption.

He can tell the world that this Coronavirus, Lassa fever, HIV, that we can have the medication; moreover, that we can get the medication that makes your medicine better. They should not be looking only for criminals in this country.


This silicate that can penetrate anywhere, did you create it or did you do something to reduce it to be very small? What was your input?


The input is knowledge. It is an old medicine. What I invented was the use. It was being used as medicine for other things but not for virus. I now reasoned that since it has these charges, it is going to be anti-viral. The problem is, it is not absorbable. It does not get into the blood stream. It was used for stomach issues. What I added there was how to get it to the blood. I made it to get into the blood by using dextrose as artery transport to carry it across into blood. All I did was using scientific knowledge to get it into the blood and if it gets there, it uses its charges to destroy viruses (negative to destroy HIV and use positive to destroy infected cells and Cancer)

Nigeria. It is not found in Nigeria. I now used aluminum silicate and magnesium silicate to synthetic version. If I say people are using my medication, it does not mean they came to my house to steal it. If you get the formula, you can do it. That is why I say they must have used my formula to heal Ebola. Who is that Nigerian scientist you said sent you nano-silver when nano-silver is a toxin? When I shouted, they denied.

Those countries that do not have it can get it by using chemistry to use what you have in reaction to get what you are looking for. That is my contribution.

God created herbal medicine but somebody discovered it. The world did not know that opposite charges can do such thing. Basic science tells us that opposite charges attract. Another contribution is that I made it to get into the blood. I was also able to make those who do not have it to get it through mixing other elements.


The University does not seem to be against them, but have they endorsed your work and what have they done for you?


They have been supporting me. At a point that I wanted to stop, they encouraged me to continue. By June 2019, they continued paying for the medication. Even now, I have applied again to renew it. I am using my own money to produce since January 2020. I am still doing it, hoping they will renew the sponsorship.


Why have they not come out to say they have found cure for HIV?


The VC once made such statement. Even the FG has been giving me award. Now, they have invited me to Abuja. But, why are they not taking it over? I do not know.