NADECO USA teaches Rivers people how to fight against Aso Rock imposed agreement 

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* Rejects ethnic coloration in Wike vs Fubara saga

· Calls it the works of one man against democracy  

By Ignatius Chukwu 

The US branch of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) which fought for the dawn of the democracy Nigerians now enjoy is now teaching the Rivers people how best to fight against the peace agreement imposed on the people by Aso Rock.

NADECO has also rejected attempts to ethnicise the present political crisis in Rivers State. 

In a statement sent to Nigeria and signed by the leaders including the publicity secretary, David Adenakan, the coalition said it was wrong for supporters to chant ethnic songs of the two major characters in the fight.

Rather, NADECO said at the core is the people of Rivers State uniting against the perceived tyranny of one individual who is said to see himself as an emperor. “This struggle is a battle between good and evil, democracy versus anti-democratic principles, and the pursuit of good governance against political machinations and godfatherism.” 

The coalition lambasted the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to which Gov Fubara belongs for not doing much to reconcile the matter rather than yielding grounds for the All Progressives Congress (APC) to which President Bola Ahmed Tinubu belongs to drive the so-called reconciliation process and thus use it to favour their party and the man they now want to work with (Nyesom Wike). 

“Gov Fubara’s willingness to engage with Mr. Tinubu and the APC raises concerns about his independence and the sincerity of the PDP’s internal conflict resolution efforts. Literally, it is as if Gov Fubara willingly presented his neck on the chopping board for Wike, Tinubu, and APC to chop off. 

“Wike is destroying PDP in Rivers State for the benefit of Tinubu and APC; Tinubu is tutoring Wike on godfatherism and how to bankrupt Rivers State. It is therefore an irony that Fubara goes to Tinubu and the APC to resolve a PDP matter. Both Tinubu and Wike are fomenting the crisis because they are the ultimate beneficiaries of the outcome.”

The coalition called upon the people of Rivers State to unite against the influence of Wike, Tinubu, and the APC. “The proposed agreement should be rejected, as Gov Fubara serves the people of Rivers State, not the interests of Wike or Tinubu. The resistance against external manipulation and the preservation of the state’s autonomy are paramount.” 

NADECO USA said it needs no introduction as Nigeria’s premier and foremost pro-democracy organization dedicated to promoting democracy, good governance, and the rule of law in Nigeria.   

“The recent tumultuous political events in Rivers State, particularly the escalating conflict between former Governor Wike and Gov Fubara, brings to mind Socrates’ prophetic words on democracy. Socrates, around 470-399 B.C., foresaw a grim future for democracy, asserting that it would crumble under the weight of accommodating Thieves and Fraudsters and the Rise of a Worse Dictatorship with dubious intentions. 

“As we witness the unfolding political drama in Rivers State, Socrates’ ancient insights resonate with a disconcerting relevance. The clash between Wike and Fubara serves as a contemporary illustration of the challenges democracy faces when confronted by individuals with less-than- scrupulous intentions.” 

NADECO thus appealed to the people of Rivers State to Reject the so-called agreement reached by Wike and Fubara, saying it is capable of destroying the nation’s democracy as they carry significant implications and consequences. 

NADECO encouraged Gov Fubara to stand firm and continue with the process of uncoupling and dismantling Wike’s political structures. “This would safeguard the interest of the people of Rivers State, give him the freedom to govern and also contribute to the preservation of the democratic values we hold dear.” 

NADEC tried to compare Tinubu with Wike. “Wike is exactly the same. If we could recall, Tinubu made kings and expected returns from them in various people. Similarly, Wike is attempting to make kings, sit on their scrotums, and demand financial returns from them. 

“For the record, NADECO USA doesn’t endorse godfatherism and mafia politics, in fact, NADECO despises them.” 

NADECO USA thus called upon Wike to change his ways on Rivers politics. The coalition encourage the people of Rivers State to reject such resolution but allow all political actors to engage in constructive dialogue, not destructive dialogue and work towards fostering good governance in Rivers State for the prosperity of its residents. 

NADECO further called on the relevant agencies to thoroughly investigate the recent allegations made by a member of the National Assembly, Boma Goodhead, concerning the death of a DPO and also the funds earmarked for the Ogoni oil cleanup project. “It is important to note that some traditional rulers in Ahoada East are currently in custody regarding the death of the same DPO spoken about by the National Assembly member.

NADECO USA remains committed to promoting democracy, human rights, and the well-being of citizens, urging all stakeholders to embrace dialogue and peaceful resolution to preserve the harmony and stability of Rivers State.” 

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