NASS denies planning to reconvene Tuesday


Who said the National Assembly was to meet on Tuesday, August 14, 2018? This promise set tongues wagging and anxiety high. Now, the NASS will not meet today anymore.

In a country where false statements are not frowned at, nothing may happen to the Deputy Speaker of the House, Mr Yussuff Lasun, who, last week, announced that the National Assembly would reconvene on Tuesday to consider the budget for the 2019 polls and other pending issues forwarded to lawmakers by President Muhammadu Buhari in July. The nation had latched on this and many expected the two warring groups (APC and PDP) in the NASS to come to war after the DSS invasion of last week.

Now, contrary to the announcement, the legislators said they were yet to decide on a reconvening date. At the House of Representatives, its spokesman, Mr Abdulrazak Namdas, revealed that the House in truth, had not decided.

Senate Leader Ahmad Lawan said: “I am still waiting to be informed by the President of the Senate on whether we will sit on Tuesday or not.

“Well, I will expect the Senate President to talk to me or call. I have not received any communication yet.

“And normally, an announcement is supposed to be made. We have not heard of any as I speak with you.”

(Source: Punch)