Nigerian scientist wants FG to show his AMS invention to the world against COVID-19

  • Says Nigerian made AMS with both positive and negatively-charged ends can bind with any virus including HIV and cancer

By Codratus Godson

Nigeria may make history should a medication invented by a professor of veterinary medicine and researcher is tested and found to cure COVID-19. The inventor says he has already made breakthrough with it in HIV cases.


A Nigerian scientist and researcher has offered his medical invention, the aluminum magnesium silicate (AMS) to the federal government to try it on coronavirus (COVID-19) infected persons in Nigeria or offer it to any distressed country.

Prof Ezeibe Maduike, told newsmen in Umudike, near Umuahia, Abia State, that his AMS has both positive and negatively charged ends to bind to any form of virus found in the blood and destroy it.

Prof Maduike, dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences in the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU), who was in the news few years ago over his claim of finding cure for HIV/AIDS, told newsmen in Umudike, near Umuahia, Abia State, that COVID-19 is a virus and will either be positive or negatively charged and that AMS has the power to handle it.

He said he was prepared to go to any laboratory in the world where tests can be done and apply his medication. He said certain viruses like HIV are termed incurable because of their smallness (110nanometres) that can help them to hide far in the cells that cannot be reached by present medications.

He said he combined two types of silicates to arrive at molecules of Aluminum-magnesium silicate (AMS), which he said has stabilizing agent, consisting of nanoparticles (0.96nm) which are smaller than viruses by far. “They have negative and positive electrically charged ends. The charges enable AMS mop/destroy viruses/”viral reservoirs” by opposite charges-electrostatic attraction. As a silicate, AMS also normalizes immunity and as a stabilizing agent, it enhances efficacy of antimicrobials for effective treatment of secondary infections.”

He went on: “Nigeria does not have natural AMS but it has Aluminum silicate and Magnesium silicate. These medicinal minerals were used in a reaction for a synthetic AMS (AI4{SiO4}3+3Mg2SiO4—2AI2Mg3{SiO4}3). Dextrose monohydrate (simple sugar) was formulated with the medicinal synthetic AMS (MSAMS;Antivirt®), to convey the charged particles across mucous membranes, into blood-circulation by active-transport. Synergy: Mopping viruses; Destruction of “viral-reservoirs”; Normalising immunity; effective treatment of secondary infections can cure any viral/abnormal-cell disease.”

He reminded Nigerians how the MOUAU has been using his formula to cure HIV/AIDS and prostrate cancer and the federal government has given him some form or recognition. He said several trials are going on based on AMS.

On COVID-19 he said: “The FG said they will give some money to anybody that finds a cure for coronavirus, but how are they to confirm a drug? They should be able to test it. Coronavirus is not in Nigeria 9this was before the Italian came) and as a rule, we cannot go and bring in the virus here. I am challenging the FG to tell the World Health Organisation (WHO) that we have a drug that can handle it. I can go to any laboratory in the world to test it. I can also give them and tell them what to do and they can do it.

“I want to tell the world that I have every cause to believe that my medication is what Nigeria used against Ebola. I want it on record. I say so because there was a statement by the FG then that a Nigerian scientist brought in nano-silver to treat Ebola. Everybody heard it. I texted to Onyebuchi Chukwu, the then health minister that it is not called nano-silver but nano-aluminum silicate. Suddenly they said they didn’t use anything. How could it be? How can you say you used something and suddenly you didn’t use anything? Government is too complex to say they didn’t do anything. I also met a doctor who confirmed to me they used something. I asked him what it was but he didn’t want to tell me. I suspect they used my medication because it is not secret. This equation is all over the place. The only thing is that it is not easy for you to claim that you used aluminum silicate.

“Tell the world that Prof Ezeibe believes that people procured his nono-aluminum silicate to treat Ebola. We can now use it to treat Lassa fever. I do not pray for coronavirus to come but tell other parts of the world to use it. Right now, we are using it against HIV. Let me also tell you that there is a lot of work going on. Government is also looking at it against HIV. There is wonderful result.”

When reminded that coronavirus thrives only in the lungs, he said blood gets to any part of the body including lungs, meaning that anywhere blood can get to, AMS can get there and act.

Some medical groups have however continued to reject Prof Maduike’s claims but the professor says he wants a test, not oral condemnation.