NNEW in PH supports #eachforequal, pushes for women emancipation tru entrepreneurship


Organic Farm Food stands out as the new must for healthy living

By Codratus Godson & Favour Ichemati

Each person, man or woman, must be seen and treated as equal in the society. This ideal is the theme for the 2020 International Women’s Day (IWD) which was fully celebrated in Port Harcourt by the NECA Network for Entrepreneurial Women (NNEW). The day was made more exciting by the presence and presentation of Dr Annastasia Okpebe, a certified nutritionist and herbal expert who presented the world of organic farm foods as the new way to live a healthy life.


Business women and those aspiring to entrepreneurship were brought together in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, to mark the International Women’s Day (IWD) at the MAN House on Danjuma Drive at Trans-Amadi Industrial Estate on Monday, March 9, 2020, to push for economic power.

The Port Harcourt chapter chairperson of the NECA Network for Entrepreneurial Women (NNEW), Dr Teresa Njideka Ebisi, an Industrial Sociologist and Head of Department (HOD) at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, who declared this, told BusinessDay in an exclusive chat on the event ground that the day is to mark the day of struggle for equality.

Talked about ‘Generation-Equality’, saying it means every being should be equal. “We are not trying to take over from men or take over the structures men built but we want equal opportunities in all institutions; political, economic, etc. We say, whatever right accorded to men should also be accorded to women.”

She regretted that a lot of women face marginalization just for being women, urging that women should be treated as equal being. “If men are in politics, women should be there too. If men are appointed, women should also be appointed”.

Saying it is a day to thank God for what they have achieved so far and ask for more, Ebisi asked God to help the women to have an egalitarian society where people would be seen for what they are, not on gender basis. Gender equality is both men and women because we condemn women who unfairly treat men, she stated.

The industrial sociologist and business women said: “NNEW is pushing this agenda by creating awareness and to advocate for actions in policy and leadership. NNEW tries to nurture women in business and groom those that desire to be in business. We have been steady on training women to be able to build their voices through empowerment and business expansion. This creates independence in women and they can stand on their own. When women are empowered, the nation is empowered and everybody will strive to achieve.

“Last year we say, ‘strike a balance’; this year we say, ‘each for equal’. NEW has activities which we embark on. The national NNEW lines up activities and the PH branch keys into them. The IWD is being celebrated nationally as we do here today. There is the ‘SheBoss’ project where we encourage women CEOs and bestow awards on them and encourage others to follow their footsteps.’

The unpaid work of a woman:

Speaking later to the audience on what she called the unpaid work of a woman, Ebisi women should be appreciated for many reasons, but harped on the unpaid work of a woman which she said seems to be valueless, though tasking. “We hereby advise all women to try and be strong even when weak. I am happy to be a woman because God made us in a strong way. We can do many things at a time.”

She went on: “Our narrative has to change. God asked humanity to dominate the world; it includes both man and woman. He did not ask one to dominate the other. We should build together. They use stereotypes to stop the women, but mutual respect should be the way, not intimidation. Together, we achieve our goals. Bear your pains as you strive to grow. No one can hinder us.”

She talked about dedicating 2020 to developing business ideas and training women to be better entrepreneurs. “We will also help them nurture and grow their businesses towards financial empowerment so as to become independent.”

Ifeoma Ikejiaku, a PR practitioner and event manager, who was inducted as a member on the day, said IWD came as a result of the way women are being treated in most cases. She agreed with Ebisi on ways women were being maltreated or marginalized but urged them to speak up and not die in silence.

In a key presentation on organic farm foods as health solution, the CEO of Anmak, Dr Annastasia Akpebe, said there are three organs that do not sleep even when we sleep, when the rest of the organs sleep: Brain, heart, lungs. “The body heals itself through doing the right things to our organs. Consider magical herbs and spices like ginger, garlic, lime, lemon, and tumeric as good sources of cleansing the body system from various sicknesses. There should be balance in treating men and women but not competition.”

She said that most foods these days and drugs rather harm the body and cut short lifespan.