Number game in Sokoto as over 400 former aides rejoin Gov Tambuwal in PDP


The numbers are playing a dange dance in Sokoto State since the defection saga that hit the state following the governor’s massive move to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from the ruling All Progressives Party (APC).

First, it was about which crowd was bigger. When Gov Aminu Waziri Tambuwal decamped with his followers, it was not known that a counter rally would be staged where numbers instead of substance would be the issue. Next, while the governor may have played low on sacking his aides, numbers became an issue when some said 252 aides resigned. The governor was to say, no, he rather relieved them of their positions to enable them think and act independently.

Now, the new number is about 400 former aides and other political appointees who were relieved of their appointments by the governor now willingly rejoining him. It is yet to wait and see if another number would not emerge about those who would do another thing to the contrary, thereby setting the ‘dange’ dance to another tone.

The 400 are said to have met in solidarity with Gov Tambuwal. The former appointees who converged at the Government House Sokoto on Monday said they were in full support of the Governor’s defection to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Reacting to Sunday’s press conference by few of their former colleagues who claimed  they had resigned from the government, the secretary of the former SAs forum, Nasiru Shamaki, debunked the purported resignation by those he referred to as “few SAs”.

He said before the few SAs went to the press, the governor had already dropped them. He commended what he saw as the mature political decision of the Governor on the matter. “The decision was timely  as it will  allow the SAs to pursue their partisan political interests without hindrance or injury to the interest of the state government”.

He reiterated that overwhelming majority of them were solidly behind the governor, “come rain, come shine”. He added that they still maintained their loyalty to him having moved to the PDP on the same day he defected.