Obosi Community protests against AGIP


Testimony of an eye witness

On Wednesday January 22nd 2020, I received a call from the JTF headquarters OPERATION DELTA SAFE, to come with my people for a peaceful resolution on all issues leading to the protest against Agip to the glory of God. THE MEETING HELD YESTERDAY 24TH JANUARY, 2020.

They called us to come with our people, Agip was also to come with their management. We went with representatives of our community but Agip did not come with their manager who was in the right position to handle the matter.

The people of OBOSI community were denied the right and opportunity of presenting their case, but an order was passed to us to call of the blockade, I was the spokesperson of my community,,they commanded me to ask my people to call off the blockade,,and I told the JTF that I Pureheart Ekeukwu do not possess the powers to call of the blockade, I told them the blockade was a community decision and only the community can decide to call off The blockade, I stood my ground as the senior army personnel’s pushed me so hard to call off the blockade.

I was handcuffed and ordered to be detained with the rest of my people. They said we will remain there until the JTF headquarters gets clearance that The blockade has been cleared. Thank God for the commander who saw me with the handcuff and ordered his men to remove the handcuff from my hands. Actually the commander was not in the meeting.

We were detained till pass 7pm in the night, I was called all sorts of name. I only stood my ground that I have no powers to call off the blockade, only the community decision can do that. I was instructed to come back home and call off the blockade.

I am using this medium to inform the whole world that i have spoken to OBOSI people and the community has unanimously resolved to continue with the protest against Agip until Agip gives OBOSI community her rights as her host community…I want the whole world to know that I Ekeukwu Pureheart stand firm by my community decision.

I want the whole world to also know that Agip has earmarked me for destruction using various security agencies. In case you don’t see me tomorrow, I want you to know that Agip has used the security forces to pick me away, but am not afraid, am strong. Agip give us our right.

I also bring to the notice of the world that what OBOSI community is doing is a peaceful protest, I have been updating the world on the protest and our conduct have been peaceful as no razor blade or act of violence can be traced to our conduct in this protest. Now we are faced with a threat to be flushed by JTF headquarters, but the people of OBOSI has resolved to hold and continue with the blockade, the people of OBOSI community says we shall wait for the JTF to come and kill us all in our land.

All we are saying Agip give us our right. We are not demanding for what is in another mans land. We only seek our entitlements from Agip operations in our lands. This is our protest..