Oby Ndukwe explains coming out with book on leadership and betrayal with focus on Amaechi


The lady described by her contemporaries as an amazon and brain box has revealed plans to do a book on leadership and betrayal, all gleaned from how Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has been helping people who turned round to betray him.

Oby was quoted by Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze thus; “It is a fact that Amaechi has been serially betrayed by those he helped grow politically and financially. This has led me to a study on *Leadership and Betrayal:

Causes and Effects*

I am currently writing a book to that effect and I strongly believe that if Amaechi adds it to his daily devotional, he will annihilate, obliterate and extinct this repeated error of judgment.

Yes, naturally, Amaechi ought not to help more people considering what he’s been through. But again, he understands that this is politics where you need the numbers! The more they go, the more they come!

Lastly, I want to say that in choosing his foot-soldiers forthwith, he should remove emotions and get those who have been tested.”

The Amazon went further to admonish, Chief Eze, thus, ‚ÄúResponding to Gift Orlu is a complete waste of useful time please. Let’s expend energy on those who are considered threats not the ones who cannot bite a fly in their LGAs. Giving them publicity is a platform for them to launch themselves into relevance. Wike no see this one sef!

It is however expected that such a book would also review the relationship between Amaechi and his godfather, Dr Peter Odili, and resolve the question of if Amaechi too betrayed his mentor and lay that accusation to rest once and for all.