Ortom says not seeking N10Bn loan


Gov Samuel ortom of Benue State says he is not seeking N10Bn loan as elections draw closer. He said it was false information by his political detractors.


We urge the people of Benue State and other Nigerians to disregard the report being circulated in Benue State that the Benue State Government is seeking approval from the House of Assembly to enable it access a N10 billion loan.

The State Government has not made such a move and it does not intend to take a N10 billion loan, contrary to the report.

This particular lie smacks of frustration and fury within the APC camp to drag the name and office of Governor Samuel Ortom to disrepute having failed in all their previous attemps to remove the Governor through illegality and impunity.

For a party which still controls power at the centre, the APC appears not to understand the job of a governing party and has assumed the role of opposition.

The party’s latest false claim that the State Government plans to obtain the alleged loan is the height of desperation by a political party bent on misleading the public.

We reassure the good people of Benue State that the government has met all requirements set by Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, and the recently recalled Paris Club refund will soon be returned to the state for payment of salaries, pensions and gratuities.

Governor Ortom remains focused on the task of delivering good governance to Benue people and will not be distracted by the torrent of lies and organised smear campaign against him by enemies of the state.