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Port Harcourt comedy is ripe for export – Mayor of Housing

Port Harcourt comedy is ripe for export – Mayor of Housing
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The much-expected annual comedy explosion known as the ‘Mayor of Pitakwa’ for 2024 with the theme: ‘They don de fool us’ shook Port Harcourt to the foundations. The night show took place at the biggest event centre in the Niger Delta, the EUI Event Centre on Abacha Road. At the show, the Mayor of Housing, My-ACE China, the main sponsor, called on companies to look toward Port Harcourt for sponsorship of arts and leisure practitioners. In this interview with the press corps, the real estate success strategist says PH comedy is ripe for export.

May we get to know you?

My name is My-Ace China, I’m a real estate success strategist and the Mayor of Housing.

You are here at this event, it looks like a success, do you see it that way?

It’s already a success because this is a major event in Port Harcourt and it’s full to the brim so that’s how you mark the success or judge the success of an event, it’s already a huge success from what you can see around, everywhere is looking like above the standard that has been set before now.

One of the reasons is this show is a pride export of this region not just the city. This is because every year K.O Baba ups his game and tries to compete with those shows that happen in Eko Hotel and those places in Lagos. So, it’s already a huge success from all you can see.

What do you say about Port Harcourt; does this benchmark Port Harcourt as ready for entertainment business and industry?

Yes, Port Harcourt has been very ready for entertainment industry, but this benchmarks Port Harcourt as more resilient than other places. This is because what you see him to be doing is on the back of very little support. The dichotomy between Lagos and Port Harcourt is mainly sponsorship. Many of the entertainers have the talent but lack the commensurate sponsorship the ones in Lagos have because Lagos has already crossed a threshold where commerce and art meets.

Companies in Nigeria that have branches in Port Harcourt will rather budget for sponsorship of arts in Lagos and nothing for Port Harcourt.

So, this has benchmarked how far one can go on personal resilience and little support and it’s a challenge for every corporate person and government that is able to sponsor that they better come in now before it’s too late.

This is because he has come above board that even all the corporate bodies outside Port Harcourt will begin to take note. This year, you can see that Trophy and the rest are coming in because they are beginning to see his value above sea level. So, it’s actually a dying minute for any sponsor to come in before it becomes too expensive for them to compete.

What specific goal do you have in collaborating with ‘Mayor of Pitakwa’ to sponsor this event?

Okay, my goal for collaborating with K O Baba is two things, number one is visibility. I tell people; being known with selling is empty, selling without being known lacks a future. So, for a business, you like to sell for immediate income, and you like to be known for future income. So, the first thing for my brand is partnering with the biggest comedy show in the Niger Delta. The more people know the Mayor of Housing and think about the Mayor of Housing, the more they will buy when they are ready to buy.

Secondly, it’s about export. When you catch them young, when they get exported, they carry you along. So, one of the things I’ve found in Nigeria is that one of the most underrated and under exploited assets in Nigeria is the youth segment. This is the largest demography of our population. If you are able to make an impression on these youths before they blow and become international, when they blow and become international, they will still be calling your name and exporting your brand to the world as they grow.

What’s your parting word, your what advice?

My parting word, I can tell people, is that there is a lot of value in the entertainment space. And more than entertainment is people; people are more important than money because people make money. Money does not make people; so instead of doing all to get the money, do all to get the people.

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