Prepare for crime upsurge, boost economy, Expert


By Sabi Onyenwe, Owerri

Boosting the economy may be the best way to stem the surge in crime in the coming days and weeks, a crime expert has warned.


Federal and state governments have been urged to start now to initiate a policies that would help the economy and contain with the level of crime that may likely be on the increase after the lockdown following the pandemic.

Speaking in an interview with our correspondent in Owerri, Imo State, recently, a criminologist from an American-based university, George Offurum-Nnadi, warned that the aftermath of the lockdown might be very devastating to the economy as there could be a sharp increase in the level of crime to contain with.

According to him, “What could lead to the increase would be the long period of the lockdown “.

He said further, ” when you confine the people even domestic  animals for too long a period without giving them food or any form of palliative there is the tendency for them to look alternative means of  survival”.

Offurum-Nnadi said the best thing the government should do now is hasten the relaxation of every lockdown and find immediate solution to eradicate the pandemic.

He believed further that when people are free and go about their normal businesses legitimately there would be no time for them to think of commuting any crime.

Be believed that the lockdown  has lingered for too long that proactive measures needed to be put in place to checkmate the excesses that might arise after the pandemic.

“This is what those responsible for the security of life and property of the American citizens are doing now be cause they know there would be aftermath  of the pandemic crime wise”.

The criminologist noted that all the sectors of the economy particularly the private sector would be badly touched hence some of the privately owned companies are planning to prune down their workforce to a manageable level.

” What will those able- bodied young men and women  who would be losing their jobs as a result of the pandemic induced lockdown be doing afterwards if not to take to whatever means of livelihood within their reach?”, he asked.

Nnadi expressed the fear that most manufacturing and trading companies lying closed now might remain closed indefinitely.

However the situation in Owerri, Imo State capital seem to be a troubled one as the State government recently announced the continuity of the lockdown following the infestation of some members of the State House of Assembly as reported by the state committee on the covid-19 pandemic.