Prof Ezeibe Maduike, Nigerian scientist, warns against Covid-19 vaccines




Prof Ezeibe Maduike, Nigerian scientist, warns against Covid-19 vaccines

* Says vaccine must be 100 per cent and for life; cure is better for now

* Puts forward his SMAMS medication as best option

By Codratus Godson

The Nigerian professor and researcher who said his SMAMS formula can cure HIV/AIDS, cancer and now coronavirus has warned that countries making or buying vaccines would be making a huge mistake.

Ezeibe Maduike of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU) near Umuahia in Abia State, in a statement he released on Friday, February 5, 2021, made available to BusinessDay, said: “They have not been able to determine how long the vaccines can protect vaccinated persons.”

For vaccines to effectively prevent spread of human diseases, he went on, their protection should be for life(once one is vaccinated as a baby he/she doesn’t need to be vaccinated again) and vaccination coverage should be 100 per cent the whole world or close to that especially for a disease that spreads through breathing (easily transmitted) .

What the world needs, the veterinary expert insisted, is an effective drug that is also cheap and easily available so that whoever suspects he/she has been infected treats himself/herself.

He said those confirmed should be quickly treated. “If the world decides to eradicate the disease, then every country should adopt massive testing of all citizens so that those who are positive are isolated and treated.”

For effective treatment, the head of department of Veterinary Medicine said: “Our Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum-Magnesium Silicate (MSAMS) can cure Covid-19 but no other country, not even WHO, will promote it for us. Good enough it is not a new medicine. What we invented is a formulation of two approved (by both WHO and NAFDAC) medicines and a food. If we certify MSAMS and start using it officially to cure ourselves and be backing our results with scientific explanations, the world will have no option than to recognize it and that will give us both economic and diplomatic benefits.”

Explaining how MSAMS was derived, the professor who made waves by claiming to cure Ebola few years ago, said: “There is a medicinal mineral called Aluminum Magnesium Silicate (AMS) which literature says has molecules made of Nanoparticles (0.96 nm) that are smaller than any virus (about 5 nm). Literature also has it that AMS- Nanoparticles – have both positive ends and negative ends. So, we reasoned that AMS will mop up any virus/abnormal cell by opposite charged electrostatic attraction.

“Natural AMS however contains impurities. It thus needs to be purified before it can serve as a safe medication. It is also not absorbable. That may even be reason people could not use it to treat systemic diseases before now.

“The breakthroughs we achieved are that we used two other medicinal minerals that are abundant in Africa (Aluminum Silicate and Magnesium Silicate) for a reaction to get a purified form of AMS which we gave the name, Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum-Magnesium Silicate (MSAMS) and that we made MSAMS function as a systemic medicine by employing an existing biochemistry- principle (active transport).

“By that principle, we use Glucose to transport the electrically charged Nanoparticles across mucous membranes into blood for circulation to all organs/tissues. Many HIV/AIDS patients, Hepatitis B and C patients, a Covid-19 patient and cancer patients have been successfully treated with the medicine by MOUAU. It is duty of those who understand these principles being explained to call African governments/institutions to reason.

“It is not true that any claim of scientific breakthrough from Africa cannot stand. The MSAMS has great potentials for Nigeria and mankind.”

He insists that most of the steps and hypothesis already exists that make his work only a completion and derivative breakthrough. “Hypothesis that opposite-charged electrostatic attraction as a treatment- mechanism is what the world needs to take care of viral pandemics and abnormal cell diseases. Testimonies by doctors, who have been coming to appeal that we continue our work on MSAMS, confirm that the MOUAU hypothesis is correct and very scientific. So, Nigeria’s backwardness is not due to failure by scientists. What then is our problem?”

MSAMS against Covid-19

The professor has since challenged the FG to tell the world about the potentials of the Umudike formula. “I am challenging the FG to tell the World Health Organisation (WHO) that we have a drug that can handle it. I can go to any laboratory in the world to test it. I can also give them and tell them what to do and they can do it.

“I want to tell the world that I have every cause to believe that my medication is what Nigeria used against Ebola. I want it on record. I say so because there was a statement by the FG then that a Nigerian scientist brought in nano-silver to treat Ebola. Everybody heard it. I texted to Onyebuchi Chukwu, the health minister then that it is not called nano-silver but nano-aluminum silicate. Suddenly they said they didn’t use anything. How could it be? How can you say you used something and suddenly you didn’t use anything?

Makuike made it clear that Nigeria had once stated clearly that they used nano-silver brought in by a Nigerian doctor. Let the present FG find out exactly what they used then. It must be my medication. Is it true they didn’t use anything? Did they use prayer? Nigeria was able to cure some people. They should say what they used. They said they used nano-silver. That means they at least used nano-something.

“Nano-silver can do it because it has negative charges but is toxic. It cannot be used as medicine. It can only be used in the lab. It will kill if you swallow it; unlike my own that is already made into a medication. They did not know that nano-silver is not used on human beings. I challenge the FG to investigate and confirm what Nigeria used to cure Ebola.

“Tell the world that Prof Ezeibe believes that people procured his nano-aluminum silicate to treat Ebola. We can now use it to treat Lassa fever. We can handle coronavirus. Right now, we are using it against HIV. Let me also tell you that there is a lot of work going on. Government is also looking it against HIV. There is wonderful result.’

Asked whether his medication has actually healed any patient so far, the HOD said: “

Yes. Our former student who was confirmed Covid-19 positive and was asked to isolate and treat himself at home called us. We sent the medicine to him and after two weeks he was tested again and was declared negative.

“The truth is that curing Covid-19 is not as difficult as curing HIV/AIDS. After all many other medicines would have cured that our student. If there is anything Nigeria should be proud of, it is that the MSAMS cures HIV/AIDS. We have records from different doctors. Since we can cure HIV/AIDS by the MSAMS binding to its positive electrical charges, every scientist including the minister of health knows that such medicine will cure Covid-19 faster because unlike HIV Covid-19 virus does not cause severe immune deficiency.

“Let anyone who thinks I am wrong come up for open scientific debate even on live television. I was in Abuja in November 2020 to meet a team from ministry of science and technology and I explained everything to them scientifically. Since then, nothing has been heard of that.

“Please don’t forget the You-tube lecture I delivered in Atlanta which is now viral. I challenge anybody who disagrees to show up openly. If we prove to the world that we have effective medicine for Covid-19, the benefit is so much that anybody who chooses to play politics with it is guilty of sabotaging the country.”