Project Manger wows six children for early Christmas


* Taking Jesus out

By Codratus Godson

Some underprivileged children have had their Christmas ahead of others, courtesy of Project Manger, a scheme aimed at taking Jesus out by taking those who never expected a serious Christmas out.

On Wednesday, December 18, 2019, the six lucky kids were kitted and fitted out with make up and dressing by the best in Port Harcourt. They were taken along with their relatives serving as guides to Pleasure Park for a treat.

The children were given access to the highbrow centre and they ate best food, something they did not even know existed. They now watched movie on giant screen that is larger than life. They often screamed.

After that, they visited the boating section and had their fun before going to the jumping (janglover) section to jump like the kids they were. . They had photo sessions too. A short movie is being produced to show their transformation.

Before then, dresses were bought for each child with shoes and other accessories. This created huge excitement towards the main day.

The founder and coordinator of Project Manger, Jeremy Nwachukwu, said the inspiration downed on him few weeks back when he realized that Jesus was eager to be taken out on His birthday. Invariably, Christians celebrate themselves instead of the owner of the birthday.

He said Christ made it abundantly clear that anybody who feted the least of these ones has feted Him. Nwachukwu, an assistant manager with Silver News & Media Agency Limited, and a sold evangelist, said he then realized that to take Jesus out in this season, it was better to fish out those who would have had no Christmas by virtue of lack and disadvantages.

The coordinators

He first created the scheme and called it Project Manger to reflect that at this time 2000 years ago, an underprivileged child was born in a manger, in an un-regarded spot fit only for sheep.

Next, he worked out much it would cost to give a child a treat and went round the City to collect costs and data. He calculated it would cost a minimum of N15,000 per child. He then floated a fund calling for sponsors. He said each donor who responded meant one child is added.

He went round the Elelenwo community and fished out those he felt needed such a touch. Narrating his experience, the evangelist popularly called ‘John de Baptist’ because of his style of selfless and abodeless evangelism, said some parents were cautious or negative outright. One particularly withdrew her child out of fear that it could be another scam to harvest children for evil.

Those who believed allowed things to go on. Also, he got some volunteers who either gave services or helped out in conducting the kids. He worked with the likes Ken, Hilary, Victory, Jane, and Obinna. Some volunteers were also sponsors. A medical doctor, Alberto, is one of the enthusiastic sponsors who said by giving the underprivileged, they can now have a good conscience to have their own Christmas.

After the event, the parents of the thoroughly exhausted but fulfilled kids welcomed their wards with love and relish. They are said to be continually calling to thank God and thank the organizers because in Christ, they have found their own satisfaction.

Nwachukwu said he looks forward to 2020 but that the essence is to get the kids to have hope and to realize that luck can happen and that Christ is real and that Christianity is about touching lives real time.