Reason I don’t celebrate my birthday – Mayor of Housing

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The man who celebrates almost everybody around him and gives away over 200 birthday cakes has revealed why he does not celebrate his own birthday, which is today, January 31, 2024.
The man who is ending his annual personal annual spiritual retreat or hibernation today (January 31st) broke his silence in a recorded message to ward off pressure and distraction on his sacred day. The message sounds instructive on how to understand him and relate with him for discerning minds.
His words:
Many do not know today is my birthday because I did not disclose it or announce it. I do not make noise about it.
The reason is I celebrate people. I do this because I am not in the business of selling properties but people. It is clear that people bring properties, not properties bringing people.
So, in a year, I celebrate everybody around me and give birthday cakes in hundreds. I see that as sowing. Ater that, on January 31 every year, I sit back and watch my harvest and assess the impact I have made.
I sit back and see how many people will remember and celebrate me. This is the only day in a year that I demand my celebration; every other day, I celebrate people.
I also do not disclose my birthday casually. I take a day and time to announce it once a year, which is on February 1, every year, the day after my birthday. My birthday is January 31. I then wait to see those that would remember it. This year, I will announce on Feb 1, 2024 for the one of 2025.
I have noticed that every year, the response becomes larger, and larger. I am one of those persons that take impact as not what you do when you succeed but what you do in your strides, in your struggles, along the pathway with your challenges. So, from our fledgling days, we have been doing it. That is why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to me is not what you do when your company succeeds but what you do even before you start business so the stakeholders or community partners would travel along the business route with you.
Every successful man or leader has something unique people can tap from. This may be one of such.

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