Redefining Christmas, lower kids to higher places – Says Nwachukwu Jeremy, founder, Manger Project

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How do we identify you?


I’m Nwachukwu Jeremy, co-founder of the Discipleship Platform, ministry for Christian leadership training, and also the founder of the Manger Project, that we are here for.


Okay, what inspired this ‘Manger Project’ for which we are here today?


It’s basically about redefining the meaning of Christmas. In the book of Mathew, Jesus categorically stated that whatever you do to the least of my brethren, that you have done to me. So, so when you realise that the meaning of Christmas is about celebrating the birthday of Christ, of course we know that he wasn’t particularly born on the 25th but we have chosen that date to commemorate his birth. And then we asked ourselves, if Jesus is not here in person, how then can we give him a befitting birthday celebration? And then we realised that if he says how you treat the least is how you treat him, then you know we decided to now look for people in our environment, children are the least. It obvious that among children, teenagers and adults, children are the least. Then, among children, there are some who come from backgrounds that economically are the least, so we go to those places and get these children to experience the royal treatment that we would have given Christ. So, for Christ, he would have had his birthday by the least of his brethren. For the children, we are showing them more in life, so that even though they find themselves in the lower places in life, the places without privilege, that they can still see that there are better places and they can aspire beyond their current environment.


This may not be the first time you are doing this, what then is the goal for this project in the nearest future?


Okay, one dream I have with all my team members is resorts outside the country we can take them to. We however believe in building little by little, hoping that sponsorship can get us to the level where we can take them outside the country. This is also to see that the children we pick never have to go back to where we found them.

For now we just show them the possibilities but we are hoping as we move forward, that we cannot just show them, we can also help them actualize it. We also want the outings to not just be within the familiar place. They can fly a plane, I mean they can you know be part of a plane trip. They can see other countries just like you know other people will do and after they come back, we also change their lives as well. That’s where we are headed to, that’s what we are hoping for our future.

Manger kids digging into their meals at topnotch Pleasure Park in the Garden City

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