Returns Market head of operations in Owerri, Anthony Opara, shows why confidence is high in city


Owerri has been tough but I can tell you that it rather made us tougher and gave us an avenue and platform to make people to have more confidence in us. In the mix of all this toughness and strict economic harsh period, we were able to turn around peoples’ economic value for life. With the little income they have, we were able to roll it over and make it more enjoyable for them.

Paying people during the crisis created more confidence. We were paying them their returns during the pandemic and people that did not have money, we were helping them pay salaries. People that did had little money for investment, from the returns, they are able to have more capital to throw into their businesses. 

As you saw, we had government officials that were here to testify about our company. If it was not a viable or credible company, they would not come and vouch for us.  It was because of our credibility, that is why they were able to come and vouch for us.

Our expectation now is to meet our vision which is a Nigeria without oil. Even the LGAs or states should not depend on their funds but to invest it and use it to fund government business.