Shithole to AmazingHole: Now, Trump wants to visit Nigeria


President Donald Trump of U.S, who allegedly described Nigeria and other such countries as ‘Shitholes,’ has now described Nigeria as an ‘amazing’ country and a ‘beautiful’ place to visit.

Trump now says he would like to visit Nigeria. Trump had denied the ‘Shithole’ name-caliing when it broke. African countries had asked for an aopolgy while some demanded for clarification. Trump did not none. Now, he seems to change his opinion about the weak countries of the world.

He now wants to visit Nigeria, probably to show he did not mind any shit in the hole.  He said: “I would very much like to visit Nigeria. It is an amazing country and in certain ways, I hear from the standpoint of the beauty of a country, there is no country more beautiful,” Trump said on Monday at a joint briefing with his Nigerian counterpart, Muhammadu Buhari.

Trump, who rose from a bilateral meeting with Buhari, hailed efforts being made to improve Nigeria.

Both President Buhari and Trump, however, said they did not discuss his reported use of vulgar language to describe African nations.

President Buhari told journalists he kept quiet about it because he was not sure about the accuracy of the reports.

“I am very careful with what the press says about others and myself. I am not sure about the validity or whether that allegation against the President (Trump) was true or not. So, the best thing for me is to keep quiet,” President Buhari said in response to a question about it.

Affirming that the issue wasn’t discussed, Trump, however, stressed that there are some countries that are in “very bad shape and (are) very tough places to live in”.

Trump added, “We didn’t discuss it because the President (Buhari) knows me and he knows where I am coming from and I appreciate that.”