Social media: Bodo Phase 2 clean-up sensitization scheme?


The long awaited Bodo Phase 2 Clean up would commence any time from now, and as people whose environment were polluted,due to two major Oil Spills which occurred in Bodo Creeks in 2008 along Shell Trans Niger Pipelines, spilling large volumes of Crude into the Creeks, and the Bodo people sought for redress for the Spills in Nigeria and UK Court which Shell accepted the responsibility of equipment failure, need to embrace the process.

We can also recalled that Phase 1 of the Bodo Cleanup in 2017 involved over 400 Bodo Community Youths who were recruited and trained before commencement of the Cleanup operations in the creeks. This second phase according to Shell, will engage over 2,400 workers from Bodo Community.

So let us embrace this second phase of the Clean up by maintaining Peace  in Bodo City,to Pave way for Development and Progress in this blessed land of the Niger Delta.

Youths should be wise and don’t  allow yourself to be use by few selfish individuals who wanted to destroy your future.

The benefits of the Clean-up which would last for 18 months is enormous, many youths would be engage in the 4 Major Companies that successful won the contract during bidding, as well as other local contractors of the Community.

Bodo economy will be boosted because there would be cash flow in the Community and traders will make some good money from their business, as it happened in 2017 during the first Phase.

The sensitization Programme includes:Day 1: Saturday 27th July 2019, Road Show round the Community and take-off  point is Bodo City Primary School 3 (Convent),Time is 12:noon.

Day 2: Sunday 28th July 2019, there would be Town Hall meeting at Bodo town’s Square(Torgho) by 1,30pm.

#Be part of this Programme of Restoring Back our Polluted Creeks.