The Anambra model of stopping imported COVID-19


* Gov says, report returnees, get prices

By Codratus Godson

Anambra State governor seems to know that a Nigerian is another Nigerian’s best police. The late Prof Dora Akunyuli applied this philosophy in National Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) when she introduced a policy that gave huge rewards including foreign training and promotion to anyone who reported a colleague doing evil. Prof Akunyuli is also from Anambra State.

Now, the state government has introduced same measure on control of spread of corona virus, saying, report new returnees in Anambra and win a prize.


To support the Government’s effort to curb possible spread of COVID-19 pandemic and any form of influx of persons into Anambra especially through informal boundary routes thereby exposing the State to the risk of imported community spread of the virus, we are starting a special giveaway tagged “Report and Win”.

It’s a simple game that will contribute a lot to stopping the infiltration of our dear State by friends and family whose entry into the State at this time could lead to the deaths of thousands if they end up spreading the deadly Coronavirus.

It’s on record that Anambra State Government has done a great deal to ensure that we are safe in this trying time and all that’s required of every citizen is to ensure that none of their relatives brings Coronavirus into the State.

The administration of Gov Willie Obiano has been proactive in the war against Coronavirus, providing leadership and improving our healthcare system as well as strengthening security at the boundaries and most recently, delegating political appointees to oversight activities at the boundaries; all in a concerted effort to ensure no leakage and best response to the Pandemic.

The rest is for every Onye Anambra to be vigilant and also ensure that anyone returning or entering our dear State is duly reported. As an incentive, we shall be giving out free prizes to anyone who reports a new returnee into the State.

To win is simple; just follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @DEOAnambra and report anyone who enters into Anambra starting from May 1, 2020. It’s through inbox and highly confidential.

For every complete details of a returnee, you get N5,000; and if the person is tracked down by the security agencies, you get N10,000. Anyone can win as much as possible.

The government said: “Note that entering into Anambra State at this time is an offence and every returnee has family and friends. So, anyone who enters with the virus undetected can easily trigger a community spread especially now that lockdown has been eased.

Let’s stop them before they spread Coronavirus in Anambra State which could end up killing anyone including their families and friends.

This “Report and Win” Giveaway is powered by Digital Entrepreneurship Office, Anambra State,” the statement added.