The making of Rivers Codegaminators


* ICT begins training of 700 experts to support automation scheme

* Automation paying off as over 10,000 affidavits recorded in 6 months 

* SA calls it a new season for Rivers youths

By Ignatius Chukwu

Codegaminators are a set of ICT wizards who can create programmes, create animations, and do any thing possible with computers. They are the computer ninjas that would work behind the automation scheme of the Rivers State government.


Rivers State, through its Information Communication Technology (ICT) Centre, is screening over 7700 applicants to fish out 700 candidates that would be trained as Codegaminators that would support the state’s automation scheme.

The ICT has so far trained over 5000 experts who have helped to push for the automation scheme that is already transforming the revenue system, the courts, health and education sectors. 

Asawo Ibifuro, Special Adviser to Gov Nyesom Wike, who addressed the applicants, revealed that the beneficiaries would become hot cakes in the ICT market with many organizations always coming to the ICT Centre to pick good hands and Codegaminators while most others create jobs after the world-class training.

According to him, the applicants would get two hours of grooming each before an examination after which the 700 lucky ones would undergo one week orientation programme before embarking on 12 weeks of online but intensive training.

Upon completion, Ibifuro stated, the trainees would join different automation schemes that are going on in the various government agencies. The raining takes place at TechCreek on Aba Road which is now a kind of ICT hub in the Niger Delta where youths come for personally paid or sponsored trainings in all areas of content development and technological insights.

He mentioned the package for training to include cyber security, games development, hardware/networking, photography, graphics, and database administration/support. The famous package, brainfriend, which is as good as a complete school, would be a bonus package. He said automation is growing big as a branch of the industry especially in schools.

Migration is taking place in the state in areas such as courts where filing and affidavits are now done online. So far, over 10,500 affidavits have been filed online in the past six months when the scheme began.

Soon, Ibifuro stated, commercial vehicles would be enumerated to launch an online hailing system for all vehicles in the state. He said this would boost IGR, create safety and security in transport sector, and make for ease of management of the transport sub-sector.

Revealing further details, the SA said the programme that attracted highest application is hardware/networking while graduates accounted for 4,404 applicants. The ordinary level school leavers filed 1188; male applicants were 5282 or 68 per cent while females were 2,437 or 32 per cent. Rivers indigenes that applied were 60 per cent while we would give 70 per cent slots to them.

He said graduates would get 80 per cent of the 700 slots because they are the focal target. Females would get 40 per cent. “It may interest you to know that there are some coding jobs where females are better than the males. Disabled persons have 10 per cent of the slots.”

He went on: “We want everybody to be serious in the scheme because we notice that most of you only focus on your phones. You need to focus on this training. You must begin to think of how to connect with the market. Read the books we have sent to you. Read about the Four (Amazon, Goggle, Facebook, etc).

“To the youths, its a new season in your life. Start now to excel because the system prefers the best. Note that there is a surge. We expected about 2500 applicants but its getting to 8,000. The training was paid for by the Rivers State government, otherwise, applicants would have to pay. So, you must read to pass the entry examination.

“We have techpartners for the batches (1-7) and 28 resource persons to train the applicants. One unique feature about this scheme is that you will find persons that had been written off in life but they leveraged this and bounced back. One person was driving tricycle (keke) but now came to teckcreek and has excelled in animation. Another candidate could not understand anything for three weeks and launched into prayer, asking God to help him and even promised to drop out if nothing happened soon. The next week, he passed. He is now one of the best. There are disabled members with great zeal to succeed.”

He said the objective is to see how about 700 youths will be empowered to support the various automation programmes of the state government that are ongoing. It may make tax evasion more difficult but people will always dodge tax but sanctions are sure and definite because it will surely come.

“Transport programme will capture all commercial vehicles. It makes it easy to manage and enhance security, safety, etc. It will launch the state into a ‘Call for a ride system’ which would include all taxis. There is a scheme for Commerce where all businesses would be captured. It will be a Blue Page system to replace Yellow pages.”