Total E&P endorses Gov Wike’s COVID-19 methods so far



Gov Nyesom Wike has won a major motivation to fight on against the COVOD-19. This came from one of the biggest multinational oil corporations in Nigeria, Total E&P, which paid him a visit on Monday, May 11, 2020.

Total E & P says if other states had been like Wike, there would have been reduced cases.

Executive General Manager of Total E & P, Port Harcourt Administration, Godwin Barika, made the declaration at the Government House, Port Harcourt, on Monday when the company made further presentation to support the State Government’s fight against the spread of coronavirus.

He said: “We want to thank the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike.  He has been very exemplary. We have joined forces with him because he is wonderful and proactive. He saw ahead.  If every other state did what he has done, we would have had reduced number of cases.”

Wike was about the state governor to lock down his state, stop flights in, arrest pilots, detain air passengers, arrest oil workers, shut down all markets, impound to auction vehicles, and now demolished hotels.

Despite these, Barika said that Total E & P would continue to support  the Rivers State Government to defeat COVID-19. He said: “We thank you.  We support you. We have also given what we think can support the State because we believe in the state.

“This is where we work. This is where our facilities are and we will continue to be here to join forces in ensuring that the economy of this state grows.

“We came to show that support.  We also came to make requests for what we will require to ensure that our operations continue.”

The company solicited the support of the Rivers State Government as they work to address challenges offshore. “We are also very sure that if we have challenges offshore, we are able to take care of such challenges. He has signed several approvals for us and we are very grateful.

“Even after COVID-19, we will continue to relate with the Rivers State Government to ensuring that the economy of this state grows,” he said.

Responding, Gov Wike commended Total E and P and said: “On behalf of the Government and People of Rivers State, I commend Total and E and P for supporting the state government as regards the fight against coronavirus. You have shown that you care for the lives of those who work with you and Rivers people.”

He said: “At the appropriate time, Rivers State Government will publish donations made by individuals and corporate bodies; Those who are friends of Rivers State, who supported the State.”

Governor Wike said that this is the period the State Government requires the support of organisations and people.

He said that the great relationship should continue well after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is the period you require the support of people . We believe that this relationship will continue. Not after COVID-19, nobody will see you.

“Try as much as you can to carry out your corporate social responsibility in the communities where you operate. That gives you peace and good relationship with the communities, ” he said.