Valentine letters and visits to Buhari



* Obasanjo’s letter: Don’t dare contest again

* Ibrahim Babangida: Help Buhari to end one term but look for a younger fellow

* Soyinka: Buhari must be in a trance, wake him up

* Catholic bishops: Nigerians are suffering

* Abdulsalam: Visit is behind closed doors


Does President Muhammadu Buhari believe in Valentine tantrums? Maybe not, but the most quaking letters so far have been addressed to him in this season of love and sacrifice regarded as Valentine Season.


The love letters began with the one from former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, who almost wrote off Buhari’s endeavours and warned him against seeking second term. The letter seemed to heat up the polity as Obj pointedly notified Buhari of plans to form a movement to topple him.


As Buhari tried to parry this hot mail and even hugged his Judas, IBB struck with his blow from Minna. He said Nigeria needs digital brains and that Buhari should try to end one term. IBB denied and accepted and denied the letter but the man who signed for him insisted on his master’s approval. The letter remains a subject of police and DSS investigation, declaration of a wanted man and apology to same man.


The Catholic bishops followed with a visit to Aso Rock but boasted of rubbing in the salt to Buhari’s eyes in the name of telling the president the truth. They said they are the ones closest to the masses, warning that the people were suffering. The did not say the exact policy that had made people to suffer that needed to be changed, except arrest of those accused of massive looting. The bishops did not say a word against those who looted the treasury.


Wole Soyinka followed with an interview granted to Punch Newspapers in which he said Buhari must be in a trance for committing what he called unforced errors such as recall of a man accused at the NHIS of corruption. Buhari wants other Valentine lovers to help wake the president from trance.


Former head of state, Abdulalami Abubakar, did not want to write letters or rock the boat. He paid a pre-Valentine visit on Feb 13 and asked the doors to be shut so he would whisper his Valentine love words. Sure, the walls have ears. Soon, the content of the whisper would filter through.


Now that today is the real Val Day, one wonders how many more live letters that would fly to President Buhari and what the love words would be.


Many say the seeming urgency to stop Buhari from contesting is strange, being that the sitting president is entitled to automatic ticket and that presidents should be stopped at the polls, not with letters. Some say it is strange that at a time the foreign reserve is rising from $23Bn under rich era to $41Bn in a recessed period, now that GDP is beginning to gallop, now that are being helped to pay salaries, now that agric is booming, now that many federal roads are coming on stream, etc, the big wigs want the president to quit.


This could be the stragngeness of Valentine Love Letters.