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Waterpit is out to fight for diabetes suffers – Subai Gloria Joshua

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Subai Gloria Joshua is the secretary of Waterpit Health foundation, an organization that has been working behind the scene to help people living with diabetes. She addressed patients who came for lectures at the Diabetes Association of Nigeria (DAN) at the University of Port Harcourt (UPTH) grounds. She talked to IGNATIUS CHUKWU after the exercises.

What is Waterpit and how do people remember it?

It can be gleaned from its records that Waterpit Health Foundation is a non-profit organization currently based in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. While this organization was formally incorporated in 2023, the organization’s health specific mission and vision began in 2018.

It is closely affiliated with Waterpit Nigeria Ltd. which was established in 1980 and has been active in all hydrogeological provinces in Nigeria providing services in groundwater exploration and development, surface and submersible pumps, water treatment plants, water distribution schemes, boreholes and water facility systems, and water storage tanks.

Through the decades, Waterpit Nigeria Ltd. has played a crucial role in water-based community development across the nation and has recently expanded these efforts to the health sector through the work of Dr. Lolia Miebaka Abibo and the development of Waterpit Health Foundation. 

What did you tell the diabetes patients and what do you want to achieve?

What we want to achieve is how to manage themselves by telling us their experience and we provide solution.

The foundation (Waterpit) is always there and we have been collaborating with groups to achieve

The last programme with did with the UPTH we provided things and testing kits and stripes.

For instance, most persons say, oh, I am diabetic, so I will not eat carbohydrates, but it depends on what your body takes or not. It’s not same for everybody. So, we provide education in this direction too.   

Some have reactions to certain foods. That is what our foundation is out to achieve, to find out what people’s body need and guide them properly. We also provide the tools and free tests to help people. We train trainers also. We concluded the last one by March this year. We provide lunch and transport for them.

For 2024, we are working on type 1 diabetes, to know how parents are coping and managing them. They tell us their experience and we learn and come up with solution. We train the care providers to manage them well.

After this, we come up with more programmes and train dieticians so they can train the patients.

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