Wike reports his enemies to Christians, says he found plot to assassinate him


Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has raised another alarm, this time, he says he has got hints that there was plot to assassinate him through what he called accidental discharge. The governor also celebrated his recent court victory that stopped the security agencies from searching his houses anywhere in Nigeria.

He told the Christian community in Rivers State that the hint got to him just the previous day, Saturday, May 19, 2018.

Wike spoke at the thanksgiving church service to mark his third year in office at the Winners Chapel at D-Line in the Garden City, next to the Catholic Cathedral. He did not give nor did he explain how the plotters planned to get him to a crowd and shoot him.

The governor however said the plot would not fail because he has the churches and the Holy Spirit with him. “We just got hint yesterday that they now want to use accidental discharge, but I said, no way. What is in me is greater than them”.

He reminded the people that somebody once promised to get the state from him by blood or by crook, saying many plots were being hatched everyday against his administration.

Listing his victories against those he called his enemies, he said there was once plot to orchestrate crisis in Rivers State so as to declare a state of emergency, and that the federal government refused to respond to his appeals for help to stop massive kidnapping and killings.

The governor laughed loudly when he said he and the Christians prayed and the entire Nigeria was caught up in crisis such that the FG removed their eyes from the state to face worse situations in other parts of the country.

On the court order stopping any search in his houses, he informed the church that he got hints that they were going to plant millions of dollars and AK 47 rifles at his Abuja residence in the name of searching. He said he was not afraid of being searched but that the warrant was going to be a smokescreen to plant incriminating evidence.

He said there has been high gang up against his administration. “Politics is supposed to be struggle to acquire power to develop the people. It is not to plot evil”.

The governor said that the plots against him would not intimidate him as he remained committed to the defence of democracy and Rivers State; and that plots would fail because God would continue to defend him. He said: “The level of conspiracy against Rivers State is unfortunate. Instead of focusing on governance, they focus on how to assassinate me or frame me up”.

Wike said that the State Government has come to the church to thank God for his protection in the face of continuous plots against him.

He said: “We are born to win, we are born  to reign, we are destined for greatness.  While other states are commissioning wheel barrows, we are commissioning infrastructure “.

He said despite the declaration by the former governor that his administration will not  be able to pay salaries let alone do projects, his administration has succeeded in delivering outstanding projects.

Rivers State pastor of Living Faith Church, Isaac Folaji, said thanksgiving engenders growth and blessing. He said thanksgiving enhances God’s protection and financial multiplication.  The cleric noted that as a result of the dedication service, God will bless Rivers State.