Wireless electricity at last How NanoElectricity will change the world


The search for wireless electricity has come to an end with the license given to an inventor by the US government to manufacture NanoElectricity.

New York Times just reported thus:

A tiny Silicon Valley company just made an announcement that shocked the tech world.

They reported that they recently received FCC approval for a revolutionary new device that does something many people had previously thought impossible – something that, until now, only existed in science fiction.

But this new device is real, and it will blow your mind.

The Washington Times says the technology behind the device “will change the world on a scale hardly seen in human history.”David Pogue, the award-winning tech journalist from Scientific American, says, “We’re looking at the future of technology.”

Even the famed scientist Stephen Hawking, the most brilliant mind of our generation, was so amazed by this technology he simply said, “It’s about to change your life.”

With the recent FCC approval, the manufacturing phase is about to begin.
And because this device has the potential to be used in almost every home in America, the roll-out is expected to be massive.According to Allied Market Research, the market for this technology could hit $37.2 billion in just the next few years alone.

And once this new technology gets incorporated into hotels, restaurants, airports, coffee shops, and even entire cities… it could be a trillion-dollar business.In fact, China already has plans to introduce the technology into Shenzhen, a huge metropolis of 11 million people.And because this device is the only one of its kind approved for sale by the FCC, the company that invented it stands to see astronomical growth in a very short period of time.

Click here to discover what this new technology is, and how it’s about to forever change your life.The site says, “Your life is about to be impacted by one of the most stunning transformations the world has ever witnessed. A transformation every bit as monumental as when the world went from candle to light bulbs.”

In fact, it’s so mindboggling, you’re going to think it’s science-fiction. But this new form of electricity is 100% real. What this new magic electricity is capable of doing will absolutely blow you away Going on a camping trip?

Imagine having a mini-refrigerator stocked up with hot dogs and beer right inside your tent. While you’re at it, bring a toaster oven and heat up some bagels for breakfast.

With NanoCrystal Electricity, everything will magically run everywhere – and anywhere – on its own. Having a cocktail party in the backyard where there are no power outlets? No problem.

With NanoCrystal Electricity, your blender will crush ice and whip up some frozen margaritas – wire free.   Going to a big football game when the temperature is five below zero? Take a portable heater and blow hot air under your seat!

This is the new world of electricity.