Youth Leader: President-General of Alesa Youths, Comrade Nwafor Ndiwator

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Mood of the youths of Alesa:

I’m very happy today. This is because for a long time, I have not seen this kind of thing being done in my community. We have over 10 companies operating in Alesa land, but we did not see such a positive thing.

I thank Mayor of Housing today for this opportunity that has been given to the youth of Alesa by donating this mobile radio message system for security work.

We’ll make sure that this effort is not in vain. We ask God to replenish his treasury. We have big companies in Alesa land (I don’t want to call their names). They have been operating for decades here but they have not deemed it fit to do such a thing to our community for security purpose.

So today, we the entire youths of Alesa community are very happy for Mayor of Housing.

When the Mayor of Housing came into the land, he called me to work with him. I said no, I will not work with somebody that has come to buy our land and sell away.

He said no, that he is not into buying and selling land.

I decided to get close. I have been with him and worked with him and moved with him. When I found that he is real, I now signed that the Mayor of Housing has come to stay in Alesa and the entire Alesa land will support him.

We have other investors that have come to buy our land and sell. We have started confronting them.

Some of them doesn’t answer my call anymore because I told them the truth, that they should follow the footstep of the Mayor of Housing; and don’t come to buy and sell.

So today with this (security scheme), I believe that Alesa will be peaceful.

And I’m telling any person that is coming into Alesa to copy Mayor of Housing.

Alesa vigilante operative in new outfit and gadgets sponsored by Mayor of Housing

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