Am not scared coming to Nigeria to fight for people living with diabetes – Anika Agrawal

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Anika Agrawal is a female medical student from Wisconsin, USA. She told IGNATIUS CHUKWU that she is not scared coming to Nigeria, all because of her passion for helping people with her profession.

You took time to come to Nigeria, are you not scared?

No, I am not scared. I took time to come to Nigeria to study diabetes. I am not scared, rather I am passionate about working on Diabetes and improving care. Part of our project is not only about providing supplies but educating patients and healthcare providers. That way they can go and ahead and train patients and make the system work.

Major problem in Nigeria in managing diabetes is that stripes of a particular test kit go out of circulation, forcing patients to keep buying new test kits that will use the next stripes in the market. Is there any feedback your research can deliver to let manufacturers know this?

That is what the research project is all about, to understand the challenges and all of that. Stripes are part of the information we seek. We need to know everything that worries them and send reports.

We hear that diabetes is global. What is the problem in the US, could it also be lack of awareness?

No, not because of lack of awareness. I think one of the problems in the US is some people don’t do what they supposed to do. Unfortunately, people find it difficult to do the right thing and diabetes is also striking there.

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