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Rivers crisis latest: Chief Tony Okocha of APC demands for State of Emergency in Rivers  

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·     Police seals LGA secretariats

By Ignatius Chukwu

Chief Tony Okocha who has persistently called for impeachment of Gov Sim Fubara has now called for declaration of State of Emergency in the state.

Chief Okocha said Wednesday, June 19, 2024, that Rivers State is at war. 


Chief Okocha spoke at a press briefing Wednesday, June 19, 2024, where he accused the state governor, Sir Sim Fubara, of being the architect of the crisis.

Chief Okocha said the war is not just looming but is already on hand. He said young men with guns from the creeks have entered Port Harcourt and that there is full threat.

The caretaker chairman said he too noticed strange movements at a hospital where he said he went to take treatment, and that security reports getting to him showed there were black vehicles moving about in his area. “I had to escape from the hospital”.

Chief Okocha however said a hero like him would not run away from the battlefield, saying he would stand to do his work.

Accusing Gov Fubara of being the cause of the troubles, Chief Okocha said by refusing to conduct local council elections before now, it has created a vacuum and invited mayhem. He said no local council chairman was unwilling to vacate office but that the failure to conduct the elections made the Rivers State House of Assembly (RSHA) to domesticate a national law that empowered the National Assembly to extend the tenure of Mr President for an initial six months.

Chief Okocha, who had earlier called for impeachment of the governor, said the stage of the crisis is advanced and that only a state of emergency would solve the problem.  

He wondered why the governor did not want to conduct elections using political crisis as an excuse whereas, as he put it, the same governor and his people went round the state for thanksgiving without trouble.

 He wondered why the governor was in a hurry to install new caretaker committees in the 23 LGAs whereas the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal were set to make declarations on such matters. “Maybe he wants the expected decisions be rendered useless.”

Some citizens have started reacting to the call, saying nothing is happening in the state that did not happen in the past.

A woman leader as well as journalist, said the former governor sacked elected council chairmen and replaced them with caretaker committees, and no state of emergency was declared.

Chief Okocha also refuted claims by former governor and former minister of transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, that 84% of Nigerians do not like the Bola Ahmed Tinubu government.

Chief Okocha said Amaechi must provide the statistics of study that gave him such result, or Nigerians must regard it as his personal opinion.

He said Rivers people and Nigerians stand solidly behind Tinubu and that an APC caucus meeting in Calabar just affirmed it, saying Tinubu was free to even contest the 2027 election.

Meanwhile, the Rivers State police command has made good its threat to seal all LGA secretariats in the state. A visit to the PH City Council showed policemen in fatigue blocking all access to the place. Vehicles turned back to seek alternative routes.

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